A True and Inspiring Story
Jason Hartley is a criminologist who was contracted by the New Zealand Police and Te Puni Kokiri (The Ministry of Māori Development) to strategize ways to reduce the flow of Māori inmates into New Zealand prisons.

Incredibly, Jason was approached by the spirit of a Maori chief who was hanged almost a century and a half earlier for a crime that he did not commit. The chief appeared with a challenge of peace and love that set in motion the most extraordinary chain of events including dreams, signs, and messages from an ancient unseen world. The spiritual world of Maori had sprung into life resulting in the most remarkable journey of discovery.

The ancient Maori belief was true; if a person is meant to know something, then circumstances will carefully arrange themselves so that the necessary knowledge will literally find that person. In a very real sense, Jason needed to be schooled in a very different way of doing things from a very different world.

Each experience became another piece of the most amazing jigsaw puzzle that only divulged its profound secrets when all the treasured pieces came together. And when the bigger picture finally emerged, it arrived with remarkable consistency and unbelievable clarity. Simply, it was beautiful.

The astonishing result was the emergence of a beautiful framework that was ancient in origin, and acted in the manner of a sacred life compass that shows how we can achieve the most abundant lives.
Unlike anything Jason had ever before seen, the framework is best described as an ancient strategy to unleash the heavenly potential that can be found in every single one of us.